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Antonia Beattie. Photographies de Leigh Clapp. Consultant Bill Wilson. Editions peiplus de 2003. 112 pages. SOUS TITRE : crating serenity.

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A garden in which you can find sanctuary, peace and beauty is now within your grasp! Use the ancient power of Feng Shui to transform your balcony, courtyard or garden into a beautiful and harmonious channel of positive energy to yqur home and life.
Discover how easy it is to apply Feng Shui to your garden, and how the right arrangement of plants or garden ornaments can encourage the flow of beneficial energy that can improve all aspects of your life. This book shows you:
• How to incorporate good Feng Shui practices into your garden design
• How to use plants and garden features to enhance positive energy
• How to maintain the balance of energies throughout the year
• How to apply Feng Shui cures to rid your garden of negative or harmful energy
• How to use Feng Shui creatively in a small-scale garden
FENG SHUI GARDEN DESIGN is an inspirational, beautifully illustrated book fha; will help encourage financial success, harmony Myour relationships, and luck in your ventures, studies and plans. Tap into the cycle and energy flows of the seasons and have fun creating a garden that will give pleasure to you, your family and friends. (Source éditeur).

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